Faculty and Staff



Stephen Olds                  [email protected]


Office Clerk

 Enrollment, Registration, and Attendance

Christina Arana               [email protected]

Zappard Jones-Lemons  [email protected]

Elementary School Assistant

 Staff Support, Principal’s Secretary

Mary Kassira                 [email protected]

School Nurse  - Health Office

Tammy Chrones (Fri)  [email protected]

(619) 605-2400 ext. 3050

Health Techs - Health Office Support

Martha De Gil (Mon - Tues)     [email protected]

Selene Hernandez (Wed and Thurs)

  [email protected]        (619) 605-2400 ext. 3050 

Instructional Assistants


Katharine Cagan          [email protected]

Felix Del Real               [email protected]

Helen Puente                [email protected]

Erika Reyes                  [email protected]

Tom Schaffer                [email protected]

Librarian Assistant


Leslie Wentworth          [email protected]


Food Services


Sarah Hanson               [email protected]

Hamila Lominat             [email protected]

Ruben Monta                [email protected]

Maggie Winfield            [email protected]

Noon Duty


Mariana Almanza               [email protected]

Rachel Blanco- Bartolotta  [email protected]

Melody Hobday                  [email protected]

Leslie Rodriguez                [email protected]

After School Care - Primetime

Irene Castillo                     [email protected]    

Stephanie Cisneros          (619) 618- 5576

Evelyn Olvares

Cyntia Quintero

Military Family Life Counselor

 Parent and Student Guidance/ Support

Hallie Roth                        (619) 310-2724

School Counselor


Lauren Foosaner (Wed - Fri)     [email protected]

School Psychologist

Sarah Llorente (Mon, Thurs, every other Fri)

[email protected]

Occupational Therapist


Yannie Chen (Th - Fri)               [email protected]               

Speech-Language Pathologists

Jennifer Richard (Mon - Thurs)  [email protected]

Christy Gross (Mon and Thurs) [email protected]


Operations Supervisor

Custodian, Facilities Information

 Derrick Maeva         [email protected]



Tazane Slay              [email protected]

TK/Kindergarten Teachers


Robyn Hancock           [email protected]

Jessica Leonard          [email protected]

Kindergarten Teachers

Sandy Hayes                [email protected]

Mayra Standley            [email protected]

Tynesha Sett                [email protected]

1st Grade Teachers

Doan Le                       [email protected]

Sharon Miller                [email protected]di.net

Kara Sussman              [email protected]

Marion Yoshikawa         [email protected]

2nd Grade Teachers





Michelle Brown              [email protected]

Michelle Cope                [email protected]

Karen Castro                  [email protected]

Claudia Eichstaedt         [email protected]

Jennifer Steinhour          [email protected]

3rd Grade Teachers

Antonette Cano              [email protected]

Sarah Kahler                  [email protected]

Elise Polk                       [email protected]

Kristi Ramos                   [email protected]

4th Grade Teachers

Jessica Moore                [email protected]

Cathy Watson                 [email protected] 

5th Grade Teachers

Jenifer Da Luz                [email protected]

Kirsten Ramsey              [email protected]

Education Specialist Teachers

Alison Disque                 [email protected]

Serena Ling-Robison      [email protected]

Sheehan Verner              [email protected]

Music Teacher


 Robin Dye                      [email protected]

Physical Education Teachers

Brandon Martinez           [email protected]

Kevin Coleman               [email protected]

Resident Visiting Teacher


Bradley Luhnow              [email protected]

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